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Detached, Semi-detached and townhomes

1) Up to 2500 Square Feet: $299.00 includes HST
2) 2501- 3499 Square Feet: $379.00 includes HST
3) 3500 - 5000 Square Feet: $479.00 includes HST
4) 5001 - 7000 Square Feet: $690.00 includes HST (Flat Rate)

Condominium Units/Apartments
1) Units up to 1500 square feet: $200.00 includes HST
2) Units 1501 - 2500 square feet: $299.00 includes HST
Units above 2500 Square feet: $379.00 includes HST (Flat Rate)

***All inspections include full Aerial Drone review of your roof, gutters, chimney stacks and 2nd or 3rd story exterior windows (weather and wind speeds permitting). Not included on condo units or some commercial units.

Within 24 hours of the inspection you will receive by email a Full Detailed report of the Inspection.

** PLEASE NOTE. All inspection fees need to be paid upfront using our secure online payment system or on the date of inspection. We accept all credit cards, cheques and cash. All prices include HST and are non-negotiable.

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